Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

School Survey

#1- (REQUIRED) All Students take the student survey. Please make sure students log onto ANDRESS   #2. (SENIORS REQUIRED in addition to #1)  Please make sure Seniors also take this survey.   #3. (OPTIONAL) All students download the EPISD APP   On their phones, have kids download the EPISD app. With this…

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Carbon Footprint

Follow the link to the carbon footprint calculator then record your data in the form below. You will need to select one person and “For Me Only”. Complete for all the tabs. Place a zero in the form for any blank section.   Loading…

Biomes – Freshwater and Marsh

Biome Notes

Biomes – Taiga and Savanna

Biome Notes

Biomes – Tundra and Deciduous Forest

Biome Notes

Geology Part 3

Watch the movie.

Geology Part 2

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Geology Part 1

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Physics Waves

Watch this short video on Waves Video Here Open the file “Properties of a Wave’ and perform the lab. Read the instructions at the following link.  Properties of a Wave Lab You will use the PHET Web Page. Here is the Simulation Loading…

Biomes-Desert and Tundra

Watch the movie here.