What Is Your Carbon Footprint


There are many ways to help the environment. Some of you may already  be doing it without knowing. The way we live can drastically affect the environment. Using the Carbon Footprint Calculator below, calculate your carbon footprint. Use your best guess if you do not know specific values for the questions. There are hints for each one and you can use the hint to help you answer the question. Record the report values in your notebook along with a plan to help improve your score. Think about your future plans and you can calculate your footprint as an adult. Research what you can do to help reduce your footprint and put that in your plan.

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Weather and Climate

Read Chapter 2 section 1 in our online textbook. Here Answer the 8 questions (5 and 3) found at the bottom of the page. Answer the questions in your notebook. If you have missed any Tests you need to make sure they are done. The passwords for the test are listed on the board.